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Two of the most buzzed and ridiculously fun films from Sundance 2020 came out of the U.S. Dramatic Competition program, a pair of movies that I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see. Neither is perfect, but both have that kinetic energy that gets people talking. It’s no surprise that one came in with the A24 logo and the other left with the Neon one. These are movies that the two current big dogs in the indie film race want to be a part of when they hit the national conversation. And they’re going to hit it hard.

One of the biggest stories of the year was the fact that Max Barbakow’s “Palm Springs” sold to Neon for an incredible $17,500,000.69 – the added spare change so it could beat the previous record-holder of highest Sundance sale of all time, “The Birth of a Nation” by 69 cents in a funny bit of one-upmanship. While that number sounds a bit insane given the box office track record of its star, it’s easy to see why Neon was drawn to “Palm Springs,” a wildly entertaining entry in a genre that is on life support lately, the romantic comedy. We simply don’t get nearly the number of smart rom-com we deserve, and this is one of the most delightful and easy-to-like ones in ages. People who love it are going to love it, and almost no one is going to hate it.

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