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Unarvu (2019) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Even animals love to talk and show affection. So one is tempted to do anything for that love. This wonderful love or emotion can give even life for a loved one. So today I brought up a story that played with feelings like that. Released in 2019, it is a comedy, thriller and drama film with an IMDb rating of 5.1. Prabhakaran, the son of Kandasamy, the founder of the People’s Party, is a Member of the Legislative Assembly. Although Prabhakaran came to power after the party’s Chief Minister Kandasamy, he forcibly persuaded the Chief Minister to resort to his political machinations. This would have been a major headache for the Chief Minister as well.

Rama Durai is a different character from Sir Oya, who lived alone after losing his wife and child in a circus run illegally by MP Prabhakaran who wanted to be a popular figure by building a foundation to eradicate beggars, especially those who helped all the wise and just. So let’s see what kind of game this sentiment between Rama Durai, Pirabaharan and the Chief Minister is and what regrets are left with that game in the end.

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