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The Night House (2020) English Subtitle | YTS Subtitle

The film opens with the suicide of Owen. His wife is Beth. The couple lived happily ever after. No one can imagine why he did such a thing. Somehow Beth goes back to the old life. But she is still in the house where Owen or her husband died. She remembers him all the time. But one day he gets a call from Owen. Yes, from that dead man. She can’t believe it either. But this is something like a lot of moaning. And that’s when she feels like she’s with Owen in this house. So I can’t believe I told my friends about this. They say it feels like they’ve been in that house for years. One day Beth Owen’s luggage was unpacked. Then he finds his phone as well as the homemade plan. But this plan is a bit strange. She can’t imagine what it is. And she finds some photos of other women on the phone. Also, he has another house on the other side of the lake. But why is that? How could he lie for so long? Who are those women? What is the strange design of this house? Is this house a mess? These are the questions that come to Beth’s mind. Then wait until the end. Something unthinkable is happening.

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