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The Lamb (2021) English Subtitle | YTS Subtitle

The story begins in a very small village on Christmas day. So here’s a couple called Ingvar and Maria. Both of them are engaged in farming. Somehow something strange happens to these sheep. One of the herds here gives birth to a lamb, a strange sheep. Strange is a race like a hybrid. You can tell by looking at the stories. Somehow the childless ones adopt this hybrid lamb. But a mother cannot live without her child. It is common to any animal, not just us humans. That lamb mother is always trying to look after her puppy. Adona gives. But what they are doing is driving that lamb away. Mary kills the Lamb mother out of greed for a child other than her own, hoping to finally get out of this predicament. So what happens next? Who exactly is this kid? Where did he come from? I invite you to watch the movie to see things like. But I have to say that the film is trying to tell the audience something more than what is seen in the image.

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