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The Ice Road (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

During the winter of the year in North America, when rivers and lakes become icy, man builds roads over them. Do your own transportation as soon as possible. But these are dangerous as well as deadly journeys. If you get hit, you will have to pay with your life. Going on these trips is like committing suicide. They carry vehicles weighing about 65,000 pounds over a 30-inch-thick layer of ice. This is really an adventure. Mike McCann is in a lot of trouble because of his younger brother Gertie. That’s because of Gertie’s mentality. Mike also suffers a lot financially.

Meanwhile, a tunnel in Katka, Manitoba, exploded, trapping 26 people. The methane-rich tunnel has about 30 hours left for the miners. To save their lives, you have to dig a well on the surface of the earth from Winnipeg. Over time, they choose the path on the ice.

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