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The Collini Case (2019) AKA Der Fall Collini English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Sean-Baptist Meyer was a wealthy businessman who even won awards from the German government. This businessman is killed in a hotel room. Fabrizio Collini, the murderer, was a German-speaking Italian who had lived in Germany for more than 30 years.

Casper Line is a young lawyer who has not yet spoken to a major case. It is still 3 months since the bar examination was passed. When Collins is arrested and produced in court for Myer’s murder, the court informs Casper to appear as a lawyer for Colin. This time Casper said he would like to represent Colini as the defendant’s attorney at the next trial, so the court will appoint him as the defendant’s attorney. It was only when he came out that Casper learned that the murdered Sean-Baptist Meyer was the man he knew as Hans Meyer. Hans Meyer is like a father to Casper. Due to the name confusion, Casper has taken over to appear in the case of the murderer who killed someone who helped him a lot.

Hans Meyer’s son, niece, and grandson, who was Casper’s best friend, died in an accident 10 years ago, leaving the only cousin to take over the business. That’s Johanna Meyer. She came to Germany from England due to the death of her grandfather. Also, there was a connection between her and Casper some time ago. As soon as she learns that Casper has accepted the case, she tells him not to stand up for Collini. But this is the first case that Casper has received, so Casper does not want to give it up.

Casper, who took over the case, is in big trouble. On the one hand, this appears to be the killer of the man who helped him the most. The ex-girlfriend, on the other hand, pressures him not to stand up for the man who killed his grandfather. Also, the defendant did not say anything to Colin Casper. Killed Myer or not? If killed, why killed? All Colini’s answer to all this is silence. To make matters worse, in addition to the attorney representing the government for the complaint, Johanna presents another attorney for her. Professor Richard Matter, who was also a teacher of Casper and had expert knowledge of the law.

So how does Casper deal with this case? Will Hans Meyer think about the help he got and leave the case at his ex-girlfriend’s request? Or does he just not pay attention when you tell him something to do? Did Colini kill Myer? If killed, why killed?

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