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The Boss Baby: Family Business (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

In the second story of this road, Tim and Ted are not small children. Tim is a father of two young daughters. And Ted is a busy man who has no time to spend with his family, who are at the pinnacle of the business world. So Tim takes care of the two little girls from home while Tim’s wife makes the money at home. Tim loves to give his daughters away. And that’s why Tim still has the same creative imagination as the little ones. So taking care of the children is a lot of fun.

This is where the story begins. This time too they have to join an operation to save the world. This time, however, it was not from puppies. The mission to save this world will have to involve Tim as well as Tim. Also, Baby Corp detects the threat to the world in advance and activates the operation.

So I invite everyone to watch the story to see how it begins and ends. Who will save the world this time? What kind of threat does the world face? You will get answers to the questions that are asked.

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