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The 3rd Eye (2017) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

According to Indonesian folklore, every person in the world is born with a special power. That is the unique ability of the 3rd Eye or “Third Eye”. Anyone who opens this third eye will be able to connect with the world of the dead. Some people have the ability to open the third eye at birth and some fail to do so until they die. Those with a third eye will be able to see the dead and communicate with them. Sisters Alia and Abel, who were left alone by the sudden death of their parents, are returning to their old home. Alia’s boyfriend Devin comes to the house with them alone. From the day they return home, they realize that they are not alone. As more and more mysterious events take place inside the house, these people seek help.

Who are these people going to find help with? How does the third eye connect here? Who is inside the house? How will the fate of Alia, Abel and Devin be resolved? You know when you watch the movie.

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