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The 3rd Eye 2 (2019) AKA Mata 2 Batin English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Recalling the story of the previous film, two sisters, Alia and Abel, who were left alone by the sudden death of their parents, are returning to their old home. Alia’s boyfriend Devin comes to the house with them alone. From the day they return home, they realize that they are not alone. As more and more mysterious events take place inside the house, they seek the help of a priestess named Vindu. Windy explains that Alia and Abel have been gifted with the ability to have a third eye since childhood. They also find out that a family who had lived in their house for some time has been brutally murdered and that these spirits are roaming around the house seeking justice for it. These spirits somehow infiltrate Alia’s body and kill the gardener responsible for the killings. And these spirits take Abel’s soul into their world. This is when Dave also dies in an accident but without realizing it, Windu reveals that he is still a soul in this world. Alia goes with Devin to the underworld to save Abel and helps Devin go to heaven. Then Abel and Alia spend time helping the dead souls with the ability of the third eye. Eventually we saw a spirit named Mira asking for help and following Abel.

The story begins with Alia and Abel preparing to help Meera’s soul. It will not be as easy as they think, and Abel will have to pay with his life. What is this terrible mystery? What happens to Abel? Find out what happens to Alia as soon as you watch the movie. Though there is an idea that another part of the film will be released under the name The 3rd Eye 3, it is rumored that it will be delayed due to the Kovid 19 epidemic. Many thanks also to Chamara Sampath for allowing me to subtitle this film. I urge you all to leave a comment without greed. Get rid of the Covid-19 menace soon! I’ll go as soon as I wish. See you soon in another subtitle. I know.

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