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Skater Girl (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Her name is Jessica and she comes to India from London as a tourist. She comes to Udaipur and Kanpur in Rajasthan, India, but she comes to find out how poor the village is, how poor the village is, the children who live there, the vehicle. , A motorbike is like a miracle, it’s like the Hogan Pond movie that was screened in our Sinhala movies, it’s like those kids never saw the sea, these things are like dreams after she comes to camper she finds a middle-aged girl, her name is Purina, with her While chatting, she sees children in the village playing with a device they use to skate. The children love skating so much that they skate without going to school. Pyrrnath also loves skating, no matter what she goes to school for. Not only that, she makes the greatest sacrifices to make those children and their lives successful, just as Jessica enjoys the maximum satisfaction she can get out of life, where Prairie See for yourself how the film succeeds in life, see for yourself the basics of building the largest dessert dolphin skating rink in India and see for yourself how popular skating is in North India.

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