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Sarbath (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Arivui Anbui, brother Malo. From the time the younger brother was a child, if someone hit his brother, the younger brother would give the return. Over time, my older brother worked in the Department of Agriculture in a village office. Arivu IT in Chennai Worked for a company. My mother’s job was to get these two married and released. Anbu looks at the brides but doesn’t like any of Anbu because Anbu was frustrated that the girl he loved had to marry someone else. The reason was that he had to fight with a younger brother and go to the police to save him. Due to this incident, Anbu was not on good terms with Malli. Somehow Anbu wants to get married because of his mother’s persuasion. Mother happily invites Ari to come before the feast. When he came home, he saw his father slapping his brother on the side, and when he asked why his brother’s marriage stopped and the bride’s brother hit her on the face. The next day Arivu goes to find the person who attacked his brother. The elder brother scolds the younger brother about this and leaves for Chennai. Later two friends came and tried to stop him but Arivu did not stop. Suddenly I see the girl who was yelling at Arivu at the bus stop on the day she came to Arivu village. So somehow Arivu goes back home because of this girl. After that Arivu and his two friends start looking for a reason to end their marriage.

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