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Roles! (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

The role begins with an accident near Nagapattinam. A man is talking to his pregnant wife on the phone when a truck hits his car and he dies. The story then shifts to the wonderful village of Ooty, where we meet some of the main characters. Gautam and his psychologist wife Sam (Aishwarya Rajesh) and son Sidhu leave to start work on a ministerial real estate project. With them, Gautam’s friend Gayathpuri, an architect, invites him to help with his project, and his sister Aarti joins them on the journey.

They go to an old school building in a distant garden, and very soon strange things begin to happen. While texting Gayathri Krishan and her friend Gautam, Gautam’s sister used to say that Krishan used to come to her house often and that he was a handsome man. We request Aditi Gayathri to request a recent photo of him. Unable to ask for a photo at once, the two take a selfie together and go to Krishan. Then when asked to send a photo of him he says that there is a photo of him in your phone.

Gayathri and Aditi were amazed when they tried to check out the gallery and were told that it was not in the gallery, but in the photo I had just sent. When he zooms in on the photo, Aditi screams in fear. Sam comes there because they get rid of their fear but everyone goes on a journey and gets scared by what Gautam says. Do you know what it is? News that Krishna died in an accident last night. If Krishna dies, who is the mysterious person who massages Gayathri? වෙන්නෙ What is his goal?

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