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Rath Baki Hai (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

We turn the story aside, the story begins where the murder took place. That is where police investigations begin. Karthik is a film writer, Vani is an actress. So the friendship between the two turns into a relationship and comes to the point of getting engaged. But Vani’s character is not that good. Someone who has an affair with the one he caught. But Karthik did not know anything about this. Karthik learns about this from a fight that took place in the middle of the party after the engagement.

So after that, it won’t be long before Karthik loses all faith in Vani. At the same time, the story takes a different turn. That is the side of Karthik who was previously in a relationship with Vasuki. Due to a fight with Karthik Vasuki, they decide to leave him. But now it has been almost 12 years since Karthik left him. Meanwhile, Vani had an affair with Vasuki’s husband. Then who commits the murder? Who dies in the middle of the story? How does Vani’s relationship with Vasuki’s husband develop?

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