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First of all, I want to ask you how you feel when you hear the word ‘politician’. Many people feel a negative attitude. Am I right? The reason for that is often the political environment in that country. If you look at the politics of Sri Lanka where you and I live, people are bitter about politicians with the current system. But in a country like Finland, Sweden or New Zealand, the person who lives in that country has a very good attitude when he hears the word ‘politician’. Politics and its rulers are relative from country to country. If a politician really cares about his people, identifies their problems, solves them and cooperates with them, there really is a difference, right? If you think about it, you will understand. My opinion is that this film was produced under a very timely mother. The film revolves around a certain political character who is brought to life by a very talented actor in Malayalam cinema ‘Mammootty’ and his brilliant acting stands out here. Also, this is the second film in which he has acted this year. It also stars Murali Gopi, Joju George, Matthew Thomas, Gayathri Arun and Nimisha Sajayan. Not to mention the excellent performance of Murali Gopi, who will be playing the role of the Leader of the Opposition in the film. The 150-minute film, which first premiered on March 26, 2021 in the IMDb 6.5 – meter thriller Political Thriller / Drama category, is arguably the most watched movie by 86% of Google users. They have expressed their preference for this. The film has grossed Rs. 160 million. The film is directed by Santhosh Vishvanath. However, the film is a superhero.

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