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Netrican (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

While having fun at the bar with his old friends, his friends try to lure him into drugs. But CB suddenly breaks down while having fun without getting caught. The officer is trying to take away. Let’s see that old sister. It’s like being handcuffed and so on. While trying to get the key to remove the old handcuffs on the way, Durga lost control of the car and the vehicle overturned and Durga lost her eyes and Durga’s brother. Durga spends her time in grief thinking that she is the cause of her brother’s danger, but she did not get a chance. One day Durga called a taxi and waited for her to arrive but did not arrive for a long time. In the meanwhile, in our car from there, we see the evil pervert in an invisible dungeon parked in the rain. As he drives the car closer to Durga, the invisible Durga thinks it is a call taxi. The beast gets in the car and tries to abduct Durga.

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