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Nadwan (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Karthik is a man who runs a tea factory with his friend, who has a beautiful wife and a naughty daughter. The friend’s name is Shiva, a man who was greedy for alcohol. Karthik, who leads a busy life, often does not even have time to eat his wife’s food, and when he has to go out after meetings, he often misses certain things as a husband.

So at that time, another brother who is not far from Karthik knows and calls and asks him to give his son a job in Karthik’s factory. So he accepts it as a grateful person, stops at his house and gives the teacher a job. One day when Karthik has a meeting, he forgets some files at home and sends the teacher to fetch them. When the teacher goes home and tries to fetch the files, he sneaks out of Karthik’s bedroom because of the sound of a man and a woman talking. The teacher could not believe his eyes. Although Karthik’s files were brought and handed over, the teacher was stunned by what he saw and a few days later he wrote a letter to Karthik and left for a village to have a birthday party for a friend. That means a friend’s uncle asks for a jeep and the 4 friends take some arrack and drink it till night.

Drunk driving away in a car. The next morning, as he was walking out of the woods, he saw a half-burnt corpse. What is happening? Whose cremated body is that? What happened to the 4 friends who were drunk? What did the teacher see at Karthik’s house? Is there a connection between these events? So now it’s your turn. See you again.

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