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Intrusion (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Born in India, Mira is attending the University of Boston. That’s where Meera meets Henry. Henry is Meera’s present or Meera’s husband. Mira, who marries Henry, bids farewell to life in Boston and comes to Corrells to own a home of her own. Meera’s loving husband is building this loving home for the two of them. One day the two of them, who are happily in love despite losing their children, go out for a date one night. Henry deliberately leaves the phone at home so as not to be disturbed by anything. When the two came home after their love affair, there were mud footprints all over the house. Not only that, he destroyed everything in the house and turned the other side of the house. “

So I think this story is pretty good. So I invite you, the movie fans, to watch the story.

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