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Ichata Vahanamulu Niluparadu (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Arun, who works in an architectural firm, falls in love with a girl named Meenu who comes to the internship and later falls in love with her. One day Minu asks him to take him home on the bike, but Minu takes the bike. The next day, Minu learns that Arun cannot ride a bike. The reason is that Arun’s mother had banned Arun from riding a bike due to an accident. Somehow Minu says I will practice bike. Somehow I also learned to ride a bike. Although I used to ride a bike, I did not have a bike. Then I go to the showroom to buy a bike with some friends. Look, there’s a friend of his from school. So, they would only resort to this as a last resort. Arun is planning to go on a trip with Minu the day the bike arrives, as his brothers are leaving the village on his nephew’s birthday. The day the bike arrived, Arun’s friend went with Puli and made sacrifices and Arun left for their colony to take measurements. In the meanwhile Puli goes to work and lets Arun keep some of his documents including his passport. Arun puts them on the bike and goes to meet Minu. He tells her to stay on the street until Minu arrives, but Arun goes to her house thinking to surprise Minu. Arun accidentally goes to Minu’s house upstairs to the house of a woman named Jhansi next door. Later, when he saw the pictures, he knew that it was another house. From there he sees Minu and goes to Minu’s house. After a while, Minu’s brother’s man comes and kills Jhansi and tells him to be careful. That’s when the world heats up for Arun whether he went to that house before or not. Minu’s brother’s gang and the people of the colony are all looking for the thief everywhere like crazy dogs. Meanwhile, a call comes from Puli asking him to take a photo from his passport and send it to WhatsApp. It’s all on the bike, the bike is in the hands of Minu’s brother’s men. After a while Arun gets a call again that his mother was in an accident and was admitted to the hospital. Lots of questions.

Will Minu’s brother (Nursing Yadav) get caught?
As a thief, will Jhansi be caught in the act of murder?
Can the bike be saved?
Will Puli be able to send his passport?
What really happened to mom?
Who killed Jhansi?
Who commits theft in the state?
Is this one of the conspirators?

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