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Haseen Dilruba (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Jwalapur! A journey I never wanted to go on. But I had to go. Because I got married. Pandit Ji likes Jwalapur. But I did not feel anything special. After spending hours on the train, we arrived in Jwalapur at night. As the train stopped, I heard the music of a wedding procession. But it wasn’t until I looked down that I realized that it was not to accept me. But so what? I had to wait for more than an hour for the vehicle to go home. On the first trip, a heavy downpour covered the entire city.

A new city… new ones. She is a new husband and a traditional mother – in – law. (I heard on the second morning that he wanted an obedient, workaholic niece and not a beauty parlor like me.) Pandit ji might have liked Jwalapur. But I did not feel anything special. Jwalapur also feels that I have nothing to do. But slowly I got used to Jwalapur.

One day

Mom and Dad went to a wedding. My husband left Rishu at home and I went to the market. On the way back we stopped in front of the house to give some pieces of meat to the stray dogs on our road. Suddenly there was a blaze with a loud bang. All that was left of the fire was my husband’s hand. The tattoo with my name Rani on it was still visible. If you really want to know what’s inside the house, you have to watch the story.

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