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Fear Street Part Two: 1978 (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

Shedside is one of the most annoying cities in the world. From ancient times the people of this city have been committing a heinous crime. Legend has it that some people believe that these unfortunate events were caused by a curse placed on the city of Shedside by a priest named “Sarah Fear” who lived in 1666. The story begins in 1994 with the accidental discovery of Sarah Fear’s grave by Dina, a high school student in Shedside, and her girlfriend, Sam, Dina’s younger brother, Josh, and two other friends. Because they interfered with their graves, this witch would wake up the murderers who had been chained to kill them in the past years and send them after them. Eventually, they use their tactics to kill two of Dina’s friends, Kate and Simon, and escape from the killers. But they thought these things were over, but C. Berman, who had survived the ordeal many years earlier, called Dean and told him that there was no end to the curse.

The story begins with Dina and Josh going to meet C. Berman. As you may remember, in the previous film, they came after an assassin who took an ax and covered his face with a sack. Today you can see the beginning of that assassin. So, I invite you to come back in 1978 to see the massacre that decided the fate of many children in the Nightwing camp.

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