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F9 (2021) English Subtitles | YTS Subtitle

There is no way this is legit 10. The movie is comparable to Transformers 5. (Rated a 2).

Look I loved the following recent action hero movies. Spiderman (1-3), Dark Knight, Super 8, Iron Man(1-2), Transformers(1-2)

I really don’t dislike that many movies. I’m not being cynical. This movie really is just a cluster ….. There’s no emotion to the whole thing. Its dull and flat. It also feels very “PG”

Its the definition of cliché when it comes to super hero movies. There’s no bar being raised, there is nothing new being done. The entire script is just a bunch of predictable non sense jargon with no meaning. There’s no event in the movie where i go wow, that is original. Or go wow this movie gives me emotion and it really immerses me in the experience(Watch the beginning of star trek).

My only thoughts is that Walt Disney Pictures did black hat tactics to hype this movie through social networks. I cannot and will not believe people think this movie is worth an 10.

I really did want to walk out of the theater. This movie is forgettable and I was very disappointed and let down. This movie really just feels like another “average” superhero movie. But the expectation of it being good just makes it worse.

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