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Escape Room : Tournament of Champions(2021) English Subtitle | YTS Subtitle

In the previous movie, we saw that everyone was dead and only two were left. That’s Ben and Zoe. Even if they get away with it, they will not give up. They then tried to bring the people behind this to justice. It shows us when the film is over. The second one starts from there. Zoe is looking for details about this somehow. But Ben doesn’t like the work. Because Ben knows that if he goes back, the game will get stuck. But Zoe saved Ben. So Ben won’t let him go alone.

Somehow we finally find that they find the coordinates of an abandoned building in Manhattan. So these guys are going after that clue. When they go to inspect the building, they get stuck playing again. But there are others who get stuck with them. So these guys are just like the previous survivors. Also, this time the games have been made worse. Lasers and acid rain can be seen passing through the body. Is it so hard to choose the best of them all? Why but? Watch until the end.

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