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Candyman (2021) English Subtitle | YTS Subtitle

So when it comes to the story, Anthony McCoy is an artist. His paintings are also excellent. But he hasn’t pulled anything in about two years. So while he was looking for an idea to draw a picture, he came to know about the legend of Cabrini Grini, Candyman. So when he finds out about Candyman, he finds out that Candyman is a man named Sherman. What he does is give kids sweet treats like toffee. One day, he was caught with toffee blades and beaten to death by the police. After that, he continued to find blades in the toffee, only then did he realize that Sherman was innocent. Somehow from then on he becomes a candyman and starts killing people. All you have to do is look in the mirror and say his name five times and he will come up and kill you. So that’s Candyman’s story.

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